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We’ve Moved, Upgraded to

After pondering the idea for a while, I decided to make a site that is entirely specific to health, fitness, and bodybuilding. Instead of coming to the fitness subdomain (, you can find my fitness thoughts, news, reviews, and everything else over on! Overall, the look and feel of the site will remain the same, but more attention and content will be the result of this move. Even though my coverage during these summer months hasn’t been optimal, there’s no need to worry about my fitness content drifting away. Great content is forthcoming, so I encourage you to check out the new site. I hope to add new features and even more content in the coming weeks and months.

What Will Happen to

Great Question! All of the content will be removed in the coming weeks (since everything has been added to the new site), but anybody who goes to will be redirected over to the new site! I’d encourage you to lock in the new domain address in your favorites for easier access. I appreciate the understanding and continued support during this transition, and I look forward to continuing the journey towards our bodybuilding and fitness goals together!

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Be Prepared – Drink Plenty of Water

No matter what stage of the fitness lifestyle we are in, we all are constantly challenging ourselves. Some of us want to run a marathon; others want to complete an afternoon bike ride. Some want to climb the tallest mountains while others simply want to go for a walk around the block. Challenges come in various shapes and sizes, and some are nicely disguised. But, all challenges have one thing in common – the requirement to be as prepared as possible (assuming you want to be successful in beating the challenge).

Start Early

Okay, so you are competing in a triathlon. Certainly, you wouldn’t decide to show up without getting some running in the previous weeks and months, right? Ideally, you’d want to train and practice for such a challenge. Similarly, you’d want to drink water. For some people, drinking water is second nature (that’s my case); for others, it is quite the task. You should know which category you fall into and prepare accordingly. Ideally, you will want to drink pure water and not the flavored kinds, so know your body and likes. You might have to gradually bump up the water intake, so allow enough time for that.  But, your challenge might not be a marathon or triathlon. Instead, you might just want to get ready for the beach. No only should your eating habits improve, but you also will want to drink water – remember that the beach is typically associated with the sun, and the sun tends to make you sweat out that water. Another challenge that I have upcoming is the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta’s Coasterthon! So, I will be on a ride for about 9 hours on June 7, 2013. As a result, I will be needing to be sure that I am both eating clean between now and then and also ensure that I am filling up on water as the event approaches.

Glass of Water

The Moral?

Be Prepared! No matter what challenge comes up… prepare for it as best as you can. Drinking water can help keep your body functioning correctly, so I like to start there (and then also be sure to get enough rest)! Best of luck on your challenges in fitness and otherwise! I encourage you to become better prepared for the next hurdle you have to jump!

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Stop Squatting Like That

One of my biggest pet peeves in the gym is when people stack on extra weight (well above where they should be) on the squat rack while sacrificing form and range of motion. Of course, I do like to test my limits, and my form will suffer from time to time. I use video recording to analyze my form and seek feedback from professionals and long-time gym goers who have done bodybuilding, fitness routines, and powerlifting much longer than I have, but I also am realistic. For example, I know that I can current squat around 300lbs for one rep right now – sometimes 320lbs or so, so there is no reason for me to realistically get under 405lbs on the squat rack just to move it 2 inches. It is not worth it. My pet peeve really gets going when you see people walking up and doing that right from the first set; I tend to cut people some slack when they are building up to a certain weight and want to challenge themselves, only to come up a little short on that final set, but there is no reason to do five or seven sets of 2-inch squats. Do me a favor and just stop. If you do not know how to do it or if you are going low enough, ask somebody or do a squat without weight, record yourself, and take a look for yourself. Once you know how far to go down, stick that into muscle memory. Heck, try box squats out – that is pretty helpful in most cases. It seems like I’m constantly seeing people use terrible form or simply will not go deep enough into the rep in order to “squat” a heavier weight; do me a favor – go deeper so I do not have to constantly shake my head… you know that my neck is getting sore from shaking it back and forth so much!

The Squat Rack

What If I Do Not Know The Proper Way To Squat?

Well, if I do not know something, I ask somebody who does. This applies to everything in life. Not asking is the worst thing you can do – don’t make it a pride issue. With the advancements in technology, we are provided with a great deal of How-To videos and articles about squatting and properly doing other fitness routines. I recommend doing a little research and learn from the professionals. Of course, I’d tell you to be sure to vet the source [the Internet can be filled with imitators who do not truly know what they are talking about], so check into a few reliable sources on YouTube and other online channels. Then, it is time to practice. If you’ve been using the wrong technique and form for a while now, it will be a tough habit to break; trust me, I know from personal experience. So, be sure to do a lot of reps under the supervision of people who know [and record yourself for improved feedback and learning] – it will take quite a few reps to get it feel for it, so what are you waiting for?

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Like Cellucor? Want Free Supps?

Like Cellucor supplements? Wanting to get great fitness results? Well, I might just have an offer that combines the best of both worlds! As most of you know, I am a HUGE Cellucor fanatic. I am part of their black ops group that periodically gets to check out and review new supplements before or as they hit shelves. Also, I use many Cellucor supplements each and every day! I stand by so many of them, and I recommend that, if you haven’t already, you give their product line a look or two! They have great supplements to take before your workout, during your workout, and after your workout. They have fat burners, testosterone boosters, and so much more. Truly, I find their supplements to be WORLD CLASS!

So… What’s The Deal?

Most of you know that I have a promo code (DWAYNE) that you can use at check-out when you buy directly from! This promo code will give you 20 off your entire order and free shipping. You can’t beat that! But, this is old news, right? I mean… I’ve had this promo code for quite a long time now. True, but I am offering a special additional incentive for the month of May.

The Incentive!

If 15 orders or more are made during the month of May using my promo code (DWAYNE) on, I will randomly select [during one of my YouTube video shoots] one person from those who ordered and send him/her a Cellucor supplement valued up to $40 retail. If 20 or more orders are generated using my promo code during the month of May, I will select two random (different) people [who ordered using my code] to receive a Cellucor supplement valued up to $40 retail. How awesome is that?

How do I participate?


  1. Order from and use my promo code DWAYNE when you checkout.
  2. Then, fill out a quick form at – I’m not saving your contact information nor selling it to anybody else. Basically, I am just needing it so that I can (a) verify that you ordered using my promo code and (b) have your shipping information in case you are one of the lucky people selected to get some awesome Cellucor supps!
  3. Order more if you want additional chances!

Cellucor | 20% off and free shipping


Here are a few things to consider if you want additional chances to get the free supplement.

  • If you will need to buy more than one supplement this month, why not make separate orders? You can enter as many times as you order. One order placed today with two items on it is eligible for one entry; however, two orders of one item would be eligible for two entries (no matter which days you make those orders so long as they happen in May).
  • Do your friends need some supplements? Cool! Tell them you can get 20% off – have them pay you the money for the supplements and order them under your name! Bam… you just increased your odds!
  • Tighter on money this month? Team up with some friends, pool your money together for those supplements that you need to buy, and get in on the action!

Simple, Huh?

It’s that simple! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me on Facebook or Twitter! And be sure to follow Cellucor on Facebook and Twitter too! They are always sharing upcoming news and releases on social media first!

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Fitocracy Versus DailyMile: My Quick Thoughts

By now, you should know the importance of tracking your progress and building a motivating and challenging environment for you to make great strides towards your fitness goals; if you are not sure about this importance, I’ll be sure to talk specifically about this in more detail in the near future. Once you understand how tracking progress on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis can help you, then it is time to pick a platform and/or methodology to use that best fits your needs. With the advent of enhanced and expanding technologies, many of the best and most convenient platforms are available via your smartphone or laptop.

Today, I want to briefly compare two of the platforms that I have used in recent months and years, Fitocracy and DailyMile! I like both; while neither is currently the one-stop solution for my every fitness progress tracking need, each has its advantages and disadvantages. Here is what I have found thus far:

Fitocracy Logo


According to their site, “Fitocracy’s mission is to make fitness a more fun, more addictive experience. Play Fitocracy to beat challenges, push your boundaries, and show your friends who’s boss. Get addicted to your fitness.” From my experience, I really find this site to be just that. It takes a gamification approach, and it really does a nice job of encouraging others to track their fitness progress. Here is what I find thus far in my experiences on Fitocracy:


  • Very social – others can comment and give props (likes) on routines; also, we can all share 
  • Has mobile app for added convenience and flexibility
  • Utilizes Gamification techniques (through levels, challenges, and point values) very well to motivate you get fit
  • Ability to build routines to save for convenient usage later
  • Tracks Personal Bests 
  • Easy to add groups for friends to join
  • Integrated Knowledge Center blog area that is full of tips and recommendations


  • No routine description or title area
  • No hashtag functionality
  • Maneuvering between days can be difficult
  • Difficulty moving workout to a different day if typed incorrectly
  • Not too easy to add supersets and giant sets (and other customized routine work)
  • No consideration for the overall time spent on a workout

DailyMile Logo


Similar to Fitocracy, DailyMile is a social network for fitness-goers. According to the site, “dailymile is a social experience for active people. We’re a community of people just off the couch to ultramarathoners alike, who encourage and inspire one another as we achieve our goals. Together we’ve shared over 12 million workouts. Each of them tells a story. Share yours.” I find this site to be a bit more focused on cardio-fanatics, but here are my thoughts.


  • Easy to add entire workout summary and share with others- Easy to share with Facebook and Twitter friends
  • Solid leaderboard – great for challenging others
  • Great for mapping out running/biking routes
  • Training log provides various visualization of weekly progress/activity
  • Great community section where people can post local fitness-related events (races, etc.)


  • No native mobile app
  • Leaderboard only considers cardio miles and not weightlifting aspects of fitness
  • Costs extra to really enhance the in-house social functionality
  • Friend cap at 1,000 people
  • Struggle to switch popular tags

Initial Conclusions

Overall, I find that both platforms offer some great features. However, since I have not found a solution that meets all of my needs, I continue to post my workouts on both sites. Of course, I’m hopeful that such a need will diminish in the coming months, but I’m unsure if either will grow and expand its feature list enough. I certainly hope that one of them does! Which platform do you track your fitness progress on?

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On The Go With C4 Extreme

As noted numerous times before, I am a huge Cellucor fan. In addition, most people within my various social circles know that I have not quenched my thirst with a carbonated beverage since Christmas of 1999. Recently, I was on a 12-hour road trip to Michigan [through the dark of night] for a family wedding. While we had three drivers (total) available, most of us were very tired leading up to the trip. After a long day of work, I took the first two hours up I-75 before turning over the next three hours to Elaine. Mom was traveling with us, so she took the next hour but was very tired, so I took the last leg – 6 hours in total.

Cellucor C4 Extreme - Pink Lemonade

Planning Ahead & Experimentation

I knew that I would be driving the last leg of the trip because I knew that winter conditions would probably be tougher as we drove further north. As we planned the trip upon receiving the wedding invitation, I knew that we’d have to drive at night and after I had a long day of work. Hence, I started to think of ways to both get more sleep leading up to the trip and find a way to stay awake in the event of getting really tired. Since I’m not one to drink carbonated beverages, I wondered if some pre-workout supplement could and would assist me when I needed it most. So, with a little extra C4 Extreme in the supplement cupboard, I set off to give it a go!

The Results?

Well, I am pleased to say that C4 really helped me. Since it was a longer trip and did not expect it to work for 12 consecutive hours, I did not use it at the beginning of the trip. After my two-hour driving shift to start the trip, I was able to get a few hours of rest, but I was a bit tired when I got back behind the wheel as we were just south of Dayton, Ohio. So, I had my C4 Pink Lemonade handy and started off with just water to drink. About 40 minutes later, I could sense that I might grow more tired, so I took 2 scoops of C4. Before you knew it, I hit the Michigan line, and I was merely 2 hours away from our destination. Around 8:30a.m., we pulled in to Grand Blanc, Michigan. Yet, I was still energized. I did not crash once I got to the hotel. Certainly, I got more sleep that next evening, but C4 worked! Have you ever tried using a pre-workout supplement in lieu of a traditional energy drink to help you stay awake?

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Get Fit With Foursquare

For those of you who know me well, I am a foursquare machine. I check-in just about wherever I go. In fact, I’ll be the first to admit that I often volunteer to run to the store or restaurant to pick up things for others because it will allow me to gain an extra check-in or two. So, call me crazy! But, one thing is for sure; foursquare can help you get fit, so I recommend that you give it a try.

Here’s my reasoning…

The Gym Rat Badge!

Foursquare has something called badges, and these badges are available for users to earn. Often, it is exciting to gain a new badge, especially when they are not easy to earn. Foursquare offers a badge called the Gym Rat Badge, and it is given to a person when he or she checks in at one gym at least 10 times in any 30 day period. Of course, only one check-in per day will count, so that means that you have to get to the gym more often to earn this coveted fitness-focused badge. I have heard that they will be converting the gym rat badge into an expertise badge, wherein people who’ve already earned the badge can level up when they continue to check-in at different gyms. Also, from time to time, foursquare’s partners will offer a badge that is fitness-focused.

I earned the Gym Rat Badge... so can you!

Mayorship Motivates You To Check-in At Gym

For the person who checks into a venue the most over a revolving 60 day period, he or she is declared the mayor of that venue. For more popular venues with many check-ins, this becomes quite a challenge… a competition between fellow foursquare users! If you check-in at the gym, there is that pride involved in your results. Of course, you have to put the time in, even on those days when you lack the motivation. With foursquare, I find that I can peel myself off of the couch much easier because I know that I am either aiming to regain the mayorship at my gym or sustain the title of mayorship. My goal is to be the mayor, but I can only honestly do that if I keep going to the gym.

Check-in Today!

So, what are you waiting for? Give foursquare a try, and use it to help motivate you to get your gym workouts in more frequently! Before long, you’ll be reaching your fitness goals!

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Dexter Jackson Captures His Fourth Arnold Classic Title

We arrived at the 25th Anniversary edition of the Arnold Classic with one main question in mind – will anybody prevent Dexter “The Blade” Jackson from tying “Flex” Wheeler for the all-time record for most Arnold Classic titles (4)? Personally, I was expecting Toney “X-Man” Freeman to at least take second place and potentially challenge for the title, but it appeared that nothing was going to stop “The Blade” from winning on this night! On a Saturday evening in Columbus, Ohio, Dexter was in top form, riding some great bodybuilding competition momentum from recent major wins in recent months. You can’t deny the motivation and hard work that Dexter puts in between competitions. This competition was his to lose, and he showed up in good form.

Dexter Jackson wins 2013 Arnold Classic

Photograph by Edward Sanders

Thoughts on the X-Man!

Living in Atlanta since 2009, I’ve had the privilege to meet Toney and workout out beside him. He is no joke. At a young age of 6, he appears ageless.  I really want to see the X-Man capture this title, but [apparently] it was not in the cards. In fact, even though he grew stronger as the competition and evening went on, Toney somehow slipped down to third place. But, he continues to have a positive attitude as he refocuses on the rest of the competitive season. Then again, the $50,000 third place paycheck doesn’t hurt, huh?

Disappointment in the Field…

While I am not here to take away anything from the strong field of competitors, it was a bit shocking to see only a few of the top elite bodybuilders vying for this title. Branch Warren (2-time and defending Arnold Classic champion) pulled out – as did a bunch of others. It seems like the top three guys (Phil Heath, Kia Greene, and Jay Cutler) are holding out for Mr. Olympia each year. Certainly, I understand the importance of that for them, and they still put on a number of guest poses . They do not want to have to peak more than once per year and hence risk losing placement at the Mr. Olympia, but that is very frustrating as a bodybuilding fan. I’m now wishing that the powers that may be would somehow tweak the point system a bit more to sway other top bodybuilders to step on stage at the Arnold Classic. I mean… this is the ARNOLD!


Well, it was a great weekend of bodybuilding. Unfortunately, I was not in attendance, but I did monitor many of the blogs, social media accounts, and the free webcast to get the latest scoop. This year, Elaine and I watched the last few moments of the Arnold via a laptop at our favorite local Barnes & Noble, but we hope to make it up to Columbus, Ohio for the 2014 edition! Until then, we will look forward to the competitions between now and the Mr. Olympia contest!

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The 2013 Arnold Classic Is THIS Weekend!

Wow! Time flies by faster with each new year. I can hardly grasp that it is almost March. For those in the fitness industry and for those fitness fanatics, that can only mean one thing; this upcoming weekend marks what many consider to be one of the (if not THE) best fitness expos in the world. Are you ready for the Arnold Classic? Do you plan to attend the festivities?

Everything… and More!

The Arnold Classic has everything. For starters, the Arnold Classic is home to bodybuilding competitions. Outside of the Mr. Olympia contest, this is the top bodybuilding contest that everybody watches, attends, and shoots for! Next, the expo fills up with thousands of fans and numerous fitness celebrities. All of the major supplement and fitness-related companies will be in attendance. Outside of fitness and bodybuilding competitions and the expo, this event offers gymnastics, powerlifting, Zumba, CrossFit competitions, weightlifting competitions, mixed martial arts, and so much more!

The entire event, known as the Arnold Sports Festival, kicks off on Thursday night with the Expo opening its doors the following morning (March 1, 2013). As the weekend arrives, the competitions will commence, and champions will be crowned, including a new Arnold Classic champion. Will Dexter “Blade” Jackson win his fourth Arnold Classic? Or will Toney “X-Man” Freeman or Cedric McMillan steal the show? Even though he recently broke a wrist, Hidetada Yamagishi will be competing!

Arnold Classic 2013 logo

My Hopes!

Personally, I have never attended this event, but I hear great things about it. Unfortunately, I will not be attending the events at the Arnold this year, but I look forward to checking this event out soon! As for the namesake competition, I’m hoping for a competitive battle between the “Blade” and “X-Man!” Lastly [if you are attending the events], I hope that you take the time to check-in to the two main venues [Arnold Expo & Arnold Classic Competition]! And be sure swing by Cellucor’s booth – tell them that Dwayne sent you! Well, the 25th Arnold Sport Festival [and Arnold Classic] will be another great hit. If you are going, I’d love to hear your plans for the event. If you have gone in the past, what parts of this event did you like the best? As for me, I plan to watch it unfold live on the free webcast!

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Deer Antler Velvet – Who Comes Up With This Stuff?

Over the past couple of days and weeks, you probably heard about Deer Antler Velvet. It was reports that Two-Time NFL Super Bowl Champion Ray Lewis was rumored to have taken this supplement after tearing his right tricep muscle. It was immediately noted that one of the components within the velvet, IGF-1,  is banned in professional and collegiate sports. Shortly after this story broke, Lewis denied ever using the supplement, but Vijay Singh, a popular and successful PGA golf professional announced that he had been taking it and did not know that it actually contained any banned substances.  Then, the co-owner of SWATS [Sports With Alternatives To Steroids], Christopher Key, mentioned that he sold the same product to some members of the Alabama Crimson Tide football team during their 2012 National Championship Season; he noted that he even witnessed five of the players use the product! It seems that the rumor mill is non-stop about this product right now.

Deer Antler Velvet

While this might provide insight to a potentially bad or illegal supplement, this controversial supplement is surely getting much more attention by the masses who are looking to get that edge in the gym. When the Lewis story first broke, I joked with some fitness friends about the supplements we take. As time progressed, more and more people brought up the whole deer antler velvet topic; some even asked me about if I have tried it or know where to get it. A few people mentioned that they even bought some online.

Who Comes Up With This Stuff?

Good question. Apparently, it was something that came from Ancient Chinese times. Some claim that this was the stuff that the Russian Olympians were using when most assumed they were on steroids.  Experts appear to debate whether this stuff really works or not.  Dr. Weil notes that there are conflicting studies, so it appears that the debate continues! Still, my biggest curiosity is… how did someone come up with the idea of testing various parts of the antlers of a deer to see if they had any positive effects on the human body? Who comes up with something like that?

My Thoughts?

Personally, I have not taken the product. I am not sure if it contains any banned substances, but it does appear that those in collegiate or professional sports are prohibited from taking it. For me, the supplements that I take are working just fine, so I will not be trying out any deer antler velvet extract.  In lieu of that, I will stick with my Cellucor pre- and post-workout supplements and strive to eat clean, remain dedicated and motivated in the gym, drink plenty of water, and get plenty of rest!

Have you tried deer antler velvet extract/spray? If so, have you found good results? If not, are you looking to try it out? As for me, I will remain on the sidelines of this one!

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