What Is The Best Protein To Eat? [Recent Controversial YouTube Debate]

Recently, I was perusing the various fitness-focused YouTube channels that I subscribe to, and I found some back-and-forth debate (aka drama) about the topic of protein sourcing and which is truly the very best. According to Livestrong.com, “Whey protein supplies amino acids for muscle recovery and contains high amounts of the branched-chain aminos leucine, isoleucine and valine. Due to its high calcium and cysteine content, whey protein may enhance bone strength, increase fat burning and elevate antioxidant levels in the body!” I will get to my personal thoughts, but first, let’s discuss the online drama surrounding this topic.

Whey Protein Powder

The YouTube Drama

Just prior to the Thanksgiving Holiday, three of the popular fitness-related YouTube channels sounded off on the topic. It all started with the Hodge Twins. Apparently, one of their viewers emailed them a question about which protein source is the best. Of course, the Hodge Twins tend to add some laughter to their videos, and they are typically pointing out things that they find odd or dumb. The channel features them going back and forth on various fitness topics. Sometimes, I find a good laugh out of their videos. So, here is the video. I must warn you that they go off on a tangent about evolution for a minute in this video, and they use some profane language at times in their videos. So, here’s what kicked off the drama…

After that, Ian McCarthy (from popular YouTube Channel, LiftForLife) feels the need to provide his two cents. My biggest beef here is that, while he does take the time to go into more specifics about protein sources and that advantages of Whey, he takes just as long (or longer) to discuss how the Hodge Twins have it all wrong when it comes to The Big Bang Theory and Evolution. I was interested in his take on protein (something that he appears to be somewhat knowledgeable in) but not with his ideas about evolution and the Big Bang Theory; I would have done a search for those if I wanted to sharpen my knowledge about those concepts.

Lastly, I turned to Campbell Fitness’ YouTube Channel, and Brandon said it how it was. It appears that he shares my frustration with online drama. I got a good chuckle out of it, and then I moved on to watch his latest video or two! He is his thoughts on the matter [regarding online fitness YouTube drama].

My Personal Take… On Protein [Not Evolution]

I try to vary my protein sources a little bit, but I tend to stick close to the basics. That means that I do not intake a lot of soy protein, but I have my eggs from time in the mornings, and I lean a lot on Whey to do the job. While I am uncertain precisely how much protein I can intake and efficiently/productively digest at a given time, I do use conventional wisdom and spread out my protein intake throughout the day. I always strive to specifically intake Whey Isolate protein right after a workout in order to help ensure that the protein is absorbed very quickly just as the body is craving and needing it. Currently, I am taking Cellucor’s Super Sport or Max Muscle’s ARM protein right after my workouts.  I do my best to limit protein intake to between 30 and 40 grams per sitting, and I strive to get about 1 gram of protein for every pound that I weigh. For many, 1/2 or 3/4 of a gram of protein for every pound of body weight would truly suffice.  I recommend that you find proteins powders that do not have a lot of fillers it, and I normally stick with protein powders that have low amounts of sugar.

Personally, I will typically add some good carbs right after a workout, but I really do not sit there counting carbs. I just use common sense and try to have some carbs with my fats and proteins. Keeping it simple is what helps me keep things in line! And, if you are wondering about a specific diet or protein powder, I recommend that you read more than one source about it to get a better, more-informed decision on the mater. So, there you have it; drama solved… I hope!

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