The Blade Is Back | Dexter Jackson Wins 2012 Masters Olympia

If people think Dexter has been fading over the past few years, think again; “The Blade” is BACK! In this year’s highly-anticipated Masters Olympia competition, 34 competitors took the stage to compete for a top prize of $100,000. When the dust cleared and the scores were tallied, IFBB Pro Dexter “The Blade” Jackson took top honors. All in all, the event showcased the world’s top bodybuilders over the age of 40. In fact, a few competitors were in their fifties, sixties, and even seventies.

Dexter Jackson wins Masters Olympia 2012

The Masters Olympia took a hiatus from 2003 until this year, so it is nice to see such a strong showing for this event. Certainly, as time progresses, I’d expect to see even stiffer competition in years to come as I’d anticipate participation by Jay Cutler and hopefully even Ronnie Coleman. Heck, let’s get Arnold out there too. Still, 2012 was Dexter’s year to shine, and his physique looks in top form. In fact, his form reminds many of how he was back in 2008 when he took the Sandow! “The Blade” overcame tough competition from Toney “X-Man” Freeman, Dennis James, Edward Nunn, and Ronny Rockel.

As more and more of our current IFBB Pro bodybuilders age and look to retire, let’s hope that many will reconsider and enter the Masters Olympia! So, there you have it, “The Blade” came out on top!

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