The 2013 Arnold Classic Is THIS Weekend!

Wow! Time flies by faster with each new year. I can hardly grasp that it is almost March. For those in the fitness industry and for those fitness fanatics, that can only mean one thing; this upcoming weekend marks what many consider to be one of the (if not THE) best fitness expos in the world. Are you ready for the Arnold Classic? Do you plan to attend the festivities?

Everything… and More!

The Arnold Classic has everything. For starters, the Arnold Classic is home to bodybuilding competitions. Outside of the Mr. Olympia contest, this is the top bodybuilding contest that everybody watches, attends, and shoots for! Next, the expo fills up with thousands of fans and numerous fitness celebrities. All of the major supplement and fitness-related companies will be in attendance. Outside of fitness and bodybuilding competitions and the expo, this event offers gymnastics, powerlifting, Zumba, CrossFit competitions, weightlifting competitions, mixed martial arts, and so much more!

The entire event, known as the Arnold Sports Festival, kicks off on Thursday night with the Expo opening its doors the following morning (March 1, 2013). As the weekend arrives, the competitions will commence, and champions will be crowned, including a new Arnold Classic champion. Will Dexter “Blade” Jackson win his fourth Arnold Classic? Or will Toney “X-Man” Freeman or Cedric McMillan steal the show? Even though he recently broke a wrist, Hidetada Yamagishi will be competing!

Arnold Classic 2013 logo

My Hopes!

Personally, I have never attended this event, but I hear great things about it. Unfortunately, I will not be attending the events at the Arnold this year, but I look forward to checking this event out soon! As for the namesake competition, I’m hoping for a competitive battle between the “Blade” and “X-Man!” Lastly [if you are attending the events], I hope that you take the time to check-in to the two main venues [Arnold Expo & Arnold Classic Competition]! And be sure swing by Cellucor’s booth – tell them that Dwayne sent you! Well, the 25th Arnold Sport Festival [and Arnold Classic] will be another great hit. If you are going, I’d love to hear your plans for the event. If you have gone in the past, what parts of this event did you like the best? As for me, I plan to watch it unfold live on the free webcast!

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