On The Go With C4 Extreme

As noted numerous times before, I am a huge Cellucor fan. In addition, most people within my various social circles know that I have not quenched my thirst with a carbonated beverage since Christmas of 1999. Recently, I was on a 12-hour road trip to Michigan [through the dark of night] for a family wedding. While we had three drivers (total) available, most of us were very tired leading up to the trip. After a long day of work, I took the first two hours up I-75 before turning over the next three hours to Elaine. Mom was traveling with us, so she took the next hour but was very tired, so I took the last leg – 6 hours in total.

Cellucor C4 Extreme - Pink Lemonade

Planning Ahead & Experimentation

I knew that I would be driving the last leg of the trip because I knew that winter conditions would probably be tougher as we drove further north. As we planned the trip upon receiving the wedding invitation, I knew that we’d have to drive at night and after I had a long day of work. Hence, I started to think of ways to both get more sleep leading up to the trip and find a way to stay awake in the event of getting really tired. Since I’m not one to drink carbonated beverages, I wondered if some pre-workout supplement could and would assist me when I needed it most. So, with a little extra C4 Extreme in the supplement cupboard, I set off to give it a go!

The Results?

Well, I am pleased to say that C4 really helped me. Since it was a longer trip and did not expect it to work for 12 consecutive hours, I did not use it at the beginning of the trip. After my two-hour driving shift to start the trip, I was able to get a few hours of rest, but I was a bit tired when I got back behind the wheel as we were just south of Dayton, Ohio. So, I had my C4 Pink Lemonade handy and started off with just water to drink. About 40 minutes later, I could sense that I might grow more tired, so I took 2 scoops of C4. Before you knew it, I hit the Michigan line, and I was merely 2 hours away from our destination. Around 8:30a.m., we pulled in to Grand Blanc, Michigan. Yet, I was still energized. I did not crash once I got to the hotel. Certainly, I got more sleep that next evening, but C4 worked! Have you ever tried using a pre-workout supplement in lieu of a traditional energy drink to help you stay awake?

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