Be Prepared – Drink Plenty of Water

No matter what stage of the fitness lifestyle we are in, we all are constantly challenging ourselves. Some of us want to run a marathon; others want to complete an afternoon bike ride. Some want to climb the tallest mountains while others simply want to go for a walk around the block. Challenges come in various shapes and sizes, and some are nicely disguised. But, all challenges have one thing in common – the requirement to be as prepared as possible (assuming you want to be successful in beating the challenge).

Start Early

Okay, so you are competing in a triathlon. Certainly, you wouldn’t decide to show up without getting some running in the previous weeks and months, right? Ideally, you’d want to train and practice for such a challenge. Similarly, you’d want to drink water. For some people, drinking water is second nature (that’s my case); for others, it is quite the task. You should know which category you fall into and prepare accordingly. Ideally, you will want to drink pure water and not the flavored kinds, so know your body and likes. You might have to gradually bump up the water intake, so allow enough time for that.  But, your challenge might not be a marathon or triathlon. Instead, you might just want to get ready for the beach. No only should your eating habits improve, but you also will want to drink water – remember that the beach is typically associated with the sun, and the sun tends to make you sweat out that water. Another challenge that I have upcoming is the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta’s Coasterthon! So, I will be on a ride for about 9 hours on June 7, 2013. As a result, I will be needing to be sure that I am both eating clean between now and then and also ensure that I am filling up on water as the event approaches.

Glass of Water

The Moral?

Be Prepared! No matter what challenge comes up… prepare for it as best as you can. Drinking water can help keep your body functioning correctly, so I like to start there (and then also be sure to get enough rest)! Best of luck on your challenges in fitness and otherwise! I encourage you to become better prepared for the next hurdle you have to jump!

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